What is BBATB?

Have a group of friends that love studying and getting good grades and want to go out to the beach and have fun? With BBATB, you can have even lots of more fun through our games and “bashes”!

The process is simple. You may not have much to do on the beach and you may even be confused on what to do at the beach because you haven’t been there a lot. As your group are “nerds” you probably won’t know what the normal people do on the beach why you stay home and study.

So with BBATB, you’ll be able to throw away all this and have fun with our amazing games that you can play with your friends! The rules are very simple and easy to follow, so you will have no problem following along and having fun!

First of all, pick a judge. This “judge” will be the one asking the questions or asking the team members to do certain tasks. As they will be the one asking, they should have paper and be ready to judge to see who wins that round. The judge should also have a piece of paper or an app out to keep score.

Each team should be of the same number of people taking turns doing the tasks and answering questions. The questions that will be prepared should be of “nerdy” material that require knowledge to figure out.

Once the judge asks a question such as “What is the best clumping cat litter that you can get to keep cleaning a lot easier for you?” the players would run up to the judge, in which the first person to arrive would answer the question.

Now, prepare the questions and go have some fun at the beach with BBATB and don’t forget to recommend us to your friends!